Photography 121 | Testimonials
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A few words from previous students,

“You have made a serious investment in your camera, etc., and love your photography gear. You take lots of photos and get a wonderful round of “likes” on Facebook, and maybe your pictures build up a head of steam on 500 pix. Your family and friends all tell you how great you are. Now may be the time to study one on one with Antony Northcutt to bring you to that next level. Get a fresh perspective on your work from an objective, knowledgeable resource (remember your friends and family will always love your work. But how does it look to the objective eye?).

“Antony is a wonderful resource for portfolio review. He is especially strong at helping you develop your own recognizable style, or build narrative in a series. He is also a great teacher of nuts and bolts basics such as how to get up and running in Photoshop. I have taken classes with Antony, and also worked extensively with him one-on-one. It is the most valuable investment I have made in my photography so far. Yes, the gear is great, but it’s only equipment. Need advice on how your website should look? Wondering why people say they like your photos, but then even your family and friends won’t let you take their portraits? Want to understand “what the heck is going on?” in the world of photography exhibits and galleries that are so different from the popular trends on social media? Antony is your man!”

“I have been so honored to be one of your students…. You have been honest and fair….You encourage me to push my limits every week.”

“I love having an assignment and sharing this with others across the globe. Antony provided excellent critique each week. I made new photography friends around the world by taking this course. The lessons I learned through the assignments gave me a good grounding as I further explore my world through the camera.”

“Always there for you and no question is silly. He will go into it in great depth always trying to bring you out of yourself. fantastic mentor!”

“Antony is a easy to get along with teacher. He wants what’s best in you to show through. He will challenge you from every angle and take you out of your comfort zone. but wow you learn so much!!!”

“I have been following Antony’s mentoring programe for 12 weeks and signed up for another 24 weeks. This man is very knowledgeable, and the way he sets up the programme individually for each student is just briliant. By following this programe I get a teacher to myself and he pushes me in the right direction and provides me with feedback and new knowledge along the way.”

“I have absolutely grown as a photographer this first 12 weeks and strongly recommend this for photographers of all levels. Antony has got something to offer no matter if you are starting your career, or been doing this for years and years.”

“I enthusiastically recommend Antony to you! I wish I would’ve started his mentoring sessions much earlier! I wasted a lot of time and money when I could’ve gotten right to the point with mentoring. I look forward to my sessions with him and feel like I am both challenged and supported each week.”

“Good teachers are also valuable mentors. Antony is both. Through classes with Antony, I have learned to explore a deeper understanding of why photography is important to me. He has taught me to notice more of the world around me, and how to capture images that are stronger, more exciting, and which evoke emotional reactions. Antony challenges, encourages and questions his students, but is always available when I’m searching for answers to photography or post-processing questions. Working with Antony is rewarding and worthwhile; I have become much more confident in myself and my photography.”