Photography 121 | 121 Training
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121 Training

Mentoring Program

Mentoring works so well because it’s tailored to your specific needs. Initially, you may just want to be more confident using your camera and to understand what all the buttons and switches do. But soon, you’ll be wanting to talk about manual shooting, compositional elements, image design, and how to use Photoshop more effectively. Which in turn may lead you to your own portfolio, website design, social media campaigns, business plan and strategy, and even sales techniques. Mentoring will take you exactly where you want to go, in the fastest time possible.

It all begins with a discussion about what you want to achieve during our time together, programs are either 7 sessions, 13 sessions, or 26 sessions, it’s here that we will detail your goals, as well as identify your current technical and creative skills. These will be driving force behind your fortnightly assignments.

Our critique sessions are held every two weeks, using GoToMeeting web conferencing software, that will enable us to discuss, screen share and make any necessary changes to your images. They will normally last around one hour in duration. All our critique sessions are recorded and sent to you, presenting you with a completely personal training library.

Beginners Program

  7 sessions £260

13 sessions £450

26 sessions £780

This program is designed exclusively for those that are new to photography, and takes exactly the same format as above. The course content is predetermined and includes :

  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speeds
  • ISO
  • Working with RAW files
  • Understanding and using your histogram
  • The light meter
  • Focusing
  • Colour
  • Composition
  • Basics of Photoshop

This course gives you everything you need to start producing stunning images in a very short time.

  7 sessions £150

If you’re seriously committed to developing your photography, and think that any of these programs might be for you, email me to arrange an initial discussion and we can take it from there.